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Best Dental Clinic in Greenhills San Juan:
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Finding the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan can be tricky. Not all dental offices are equipped with world-class facilities to make your visit worthwhile. Because of limited space in some of them, you might be recommended to other establishments for special procedures—such as digital x-rays—then return for another visit. Here at Casipit Dental Group, we have everything you need to diagnose your oral problems. Since 1981, we have also branched out to be the best dental clinic in Lingayen Pangasinan, Calasiao Pangasinan, and BGC, Taguig. Continue reading to learn more!

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Comprehensive Dental Services

For your convenience, our clinic is equipped with first-rate facilities to serve all your oral health needs. Not only that, but our doctors are also highly-specialized in different fields of dentistry to provide you with excellent dental care. Aside from medical degrees, we also encourage them to complete international training and seminars to improve their capacity to serve you better. Because of these, we offer the following services:

General Dentistry

When it comes to your overall oral health, trust only the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan. Here at Casipit Dental Group, our general dentists are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to diagnose your dental problems and offer a wide array of services such as Airflow, fillings, root canal treatment, sealants, and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have discolored, cracked, chipped, crooked, or gaps on your teeth? For people who are conscious of their smiles, our cosmetic dentists can help with your transformation. From veneers, dental crowns, and laser teeth whitening, our specialized doctors have all the skills to improve the appearance of your teeth.


Misaligned teeth can lead to chewing, talking, and health problems, which can affect your quality of life. As the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, our orthodontists are the best doctors to consult with regards to braces, and other orthodontic appliances. Their education allows them to specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of your bite irregularities.

Oral Surgery

A few reasons our dentists will recommend surgery are due to an impacted wisdom tooth or jaw problems. With numerous training and experience, our oral surgeons are meticulous and gentle in every procedure, ensuring a comfortable and successful treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended to guide your children early about oral hygiene. But it’s not always easy because of their fear of the dentist. Leave your child in good hands by trusting only the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan. Formally trained in diagnosing and treating children’s oral health problems, our pediatric dentists are also kind and patient when tending to their needs.


Tooth loss is commonly caused by cavities, gum disease, or physical injury. To maintain the function and appearance of your teeth from before, our experienced prosthodontists can help you. They might suggest dental crowns, bridges, implants, or dentures restore your smile while improving problems with eating and talking.


Aside from the tooth itself, pain can also be caused by problems with your dental tissues. Instead of removing your tooth, endodontists focus on treating the insides of your tooth to solve the issue directly. Through root canal treatment, our endodontists can save your teeth. Because nothing beats your natural teeth, trust only our specialized dentists at the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan.


Casipit Dental Group’s periodontists are experts in treating problematic cases that affect the tissues that hold your teeth. This includes the gums, jawbones, and ligaments. In the instance of gingivitis and periodontitis, your dentist will recommend treatments such as scaling and root planing.

Digital Dental X-Rays

To treat you better, our doctors will require a digital dental x-ray when needed. This way, we can make better-informed decisions when it comes to the procedure that best matches your case. As the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, we offer periapical x-ray and cephalometric x-ray services.

Top Reasons to See a Dentist

Aside from proper oral hygiene, it is recommended to see your dentist at least twice a year for a check-up. Just like the rest of your body, your dental health is also of prime importance if you want to prevent diseases and maintain a beautiful smile. To encourage you, here are the top reasons to get a consultation with the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan.

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Professional Diagnosis of Pain Cause

Tooth pain can be caused by numerous reasons such as tooth decay, broken dental fillings, or infection. When you self-medicate with painkillers, you can only gain temporary relief from the problem. To determine the root cause, our dentists will gently and carefully inspect your teeth and recommend solutions that can alleviate pain for good.

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Prevention of Tooth and Gum Disease

Aside from treating oral problems, our doctors are also trained to help you prevent them in the first place. Procedures such as Airflow, scaling, and fluoride treatment will protect your teeth from bacteria, removing serious diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. With regular preventive maintenance from the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, your beautiful smile will be preserved for a long time.

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Cosmetic Enhancement of Your Smile

Many people wish to have pearly white teeth to show the best smile they can to other people. For people who wish to enhance their appearance, our cosmetic dentists can recommend the best procedures for you. Through veneers, dental crowns, and laser teeth whitening, you can transform your whole look with just a few appointments.

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Improvement of Your Quality of Life

Perhaps the best reason to see a dentist is to improve your quality of life. With poor oral health, problems such as bad breath, speech issues, and chewing difficulties can affect your daily living. With the guidance of the doctors from the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, your life can be tremendously transformed for the better.

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Through first-rate amenities, expert doctors with specializations, and comprehensive dental services, Casipit Dental Group is the best dental clinic in BGC, Taguig and Greenhills, San Juan. If you have any dental concerns, don’t hesitate to send a message on our website or call our office. We hope to see your beautiful smile soon in our branch!