6 Reasons for Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening

6 Reasons for Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening

What are the reasons to whiten teeth with Zoom Teeth Whitening?

  1. Teeth stains and discoloration
  2. At-home whitening products don’t work
  3. Sensitive teeth
  4. You have an event coming up
  5. You want to quit smoking
  6. Instant results


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3 Types of Teeth Cleaning Procedures

3 Types of Teeth Cleaning Procedures

What are the different types of teeth cleaning?

  1. Traditional Oral Prophylaxis
  2. Airflow Treatment
  3. Combination of Traditional Oral Prophylaxis and Airflow Treatment


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Why Do You Need Dental Veneers?

Why do you need dental veneers?

  1. Fix chips and cracks
  2. Enhance the shape of short teeth
  3. Fill in the gaps between teeth
  4. Cover up severe discoloration
  5. Treat teeth with damaged enamel


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6 Tips for Dental Veneer Aftercare

What are tips for dental veneer aftercare?

  1. Wear a mouth guard if you’re into contact sports
  2. Refrain from grinding your teeth
  3. Avoid chewing excessively hard foods
  4. Watch your intake of drinks that can stain teeth
  5. Stick to an oral care
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6 Tips On Cleaning Your Dental Braces Properly

What do you need to know when it comes to dental brace cleaning?

  1. Don’t forget to floss
  2. Brush your teeth in sections
  3. Gargle with mouthwash
  4. Change your toothbrush regularly
  5. Modify your diet for easier cleaning
  6. Show up for dental appointments
How to Ease Pain of Dental Braces

How to Ease Pain of Dental Braces

How do you ease dental braces pain?

  1. Use orthodontic wax
  2. Go for the ice treatment
  3. Try over-the-counter medicine
  4. Stick to soft foods
  5. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush
  6. Gargle with saltwater
  7. Be patient with the process


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7 Reasons Why You Need Dental Braces

What are the top reasons why you need dental braces?

  1. To fix misaligned teeth
  2. To prevent tooth decay
  3. To fight gum disease
  4. To remedy speech impediments
  5. To improve digestion
  6. To provide better mouth comfort
  7. To boost your self-esteem


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