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Our Cases & Patient Stories

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Our Patient Reviews

Amy Viola

One of the most recommended Dental Clinic in North Luzon with their all high quality equipments, staff-customer relationship oriented. Best practice in Orthodontic treatments other services.

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Li Aquino

Thank you Dra. Susan Casipit for taking care of me for this past year, I am very thankful for having chosen your clinic to treat my TMJ, every centavo spent on the treatment was well worth it!
Even this tragic pandemic could not hinder you and your staff in providing the utmost care and service to your patients, always keeping all of us safe and secure whenever we visit your clinics.
You truly are one of the most trusted and well-recommended dental specialist here in our province (and probably in Luzon)!
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Nina Villanueva

It was my first time visiting Capisit Dental Group and I was impressed! I initially visited their clinic for Air flow cleaning treatment as only a few clinics in Manila offer it. Their safety protocols were placed and made me feel safe, the staff was warm and friendly and the Doctor who performed cleaning on me was so quick, efficient and skilled. Their clinic is clean and comfortable for patients. If you’re looking for airflow cleaning or other services, I highly recommend Casipit!

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Frances Cabana

I’m very much satisfied with the service of Casipit Dental Group in BGC. Dr. Esther is very gentle and meticulous, and patiently answered all my questions. So far, I don’t feel any sensitivity. The clinic is clean and maintains strict health protocols. My favorite part of my visit is the tv monitor right above the dental chair. They also let me choose the movies I want to watch while treatment is ongoing. Looking forward to my next visit. Highly recommended.

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Lorra Elena Angbue-Te

I had a dental emergency during the ECQ, and I was able to easily get assistance on the same day that I contacted Dr.. Pritzi Arce and Dr. Esther Tan. It was an easy, painless, and quick procedure that I’m glad I was able to do to lessen the stress during this already challenging time.

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Robin Hollinger

Dr. Rydni and her assistant were gentle and took the time needed for my complicated case. Soothing music helped me relax and feel secure. Dr. Rydni was generous with time, calm and creative in solutions. All of the staff were friendly and pleasant — a very positive experience!

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Christopher P.

I had a crown done here. For some reason it didn’t fit the first time so they had to make another one (they didn’t charge me for this but it wasn’t fun to be injected twice). I had this done a year ago and its working very well. If I was in Manila and needed dental work I would definitely go back here.

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M. Tandoc

We had a wonderful experience at Casipit Dental Group. Dr. Esther Tan and her team were excellent clinicians! It was my wife and I’s first visit and they all made sure we felt welcomed from the moment we walked in. Throughout the whole procedure, they made sure that we were comfortable, entertained, and pain-free. We highly recommend this practice and we will definitely be back for more appointments!😉

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Dharlene Grace Temporosa

Im very happy and satisfied in receiving an excellent service with this clinic. Highly recommendable. Plus the receptionist are very hospitable. Tho i was not able to use my HMO, the service is worth paying for. I would love to go back here for a regular check up. 🙂

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Keysi Cabrera

Got my tooth extracted, did not feel a thing. All doctors and assistants were nice.

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Khael Lopez

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Esther Tan and the whole staff of Casipit Dental Group, you guys are awesome! Thank you for bringing back the confidence in my smile 😀 Staff is very accommodating and friendly, Dr. Esther is very friendly and warm to her patients, she also answers every questions about the procedure 🙂 Cleanliness is 10 stars! Highly recommended:)

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Rob Rob

I was very thorough and did a research of more than 20 dental providers in the Manila area. And I decided because of communication and upfront pricing and educational standards to book my appointment with Casipit Dental.
It was the best decision I made… Very impressive dental practice. if you’re looking for a dentist or dental practice look no further. Casipit is the best!

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About Our Specialists

Casipit Dental Group takes pride of our highly experienced, board certified dental specialists. Our doctors are continuously improving their skills by taking post-graduate specializations , attending international and local trainings and seminars, and most importantly countless hands-on experiences.

With today’s fast pacing digital world, we make sure that our specialists are equipped with the latest knowledge when it comes to new technologies and trends in the dental industry and their respective fields

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DiscoverOur Dental Services

Here in CDG, excellence is our priority. As we unceasingly enhance our services, we make sure that our team of highly competent doctors can cover everything that you might possibly need for your oral health. We offer General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dental Services, guaranteeing to give you quality dental services from our vast team of specialists to cater all your dental concerns.

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Let us help you achieve your healthiest and most beautiful smile.

For inquiries, you may email us at info@casipitdentalgroup.com or fill the Contact Us form